Prime Minister David Thompson (centre) accepting ???Nyam Jamaica- A Culinary Tour??? from its author Rosemary Parkinson, during a presentation ceremony today at Ilaro Court. Also pictured are Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Barbados Bun???n Bun???n, Curtis Greenidge (left) and?? Public Relations and Marketing Representative, Barbados Bun???n Bun???n, Sara Collins,(right).

A book highlighting traditional Jamaican cuisine was presented to Prime Minister David Thompson today, at his official residence, Ilaro Court.

Entitled ???Nyam Jamaica – A Culinary Tour???, it explains the origins of Jamaican dishes and takes readers on a journey through pictures and prose of indigenous meals that reflect the spirit of the country.

??Prime Minister David Thompson is pictured in conversation with author of ???Nyam Jamaica???, Rosemary Parkinson. The Prime Minister was presented with a copy of the book today during a ceremony at Ilaro Court.

Author, Rosemary Parkinson, said the book represented some of her culinary travels and explained why certain foods were eaten. She described it as ???a roller-coaster ride of the man in the street and gives you a feel of the country???.

Mrs. Parkinson added that a copy would also be presented to the Barbados Public Library and disclosed a similar edition describing local Barbadian cuisine would be launched in the future.

Mr. Thompson congratulated Mrs. Parkinson on her achievement and expressed delight in accepting the book. He said he was looking forward to the publication on Barbadian cooking and reminisced about the preparation of local dishes as a significant part of our cultural heritage.??clashley@barbados.gov.bb

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