As Barbadians continue to grapple with the economic recession, Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley, is of the view that young people must start their own businesses, while taking advantage of the many concessions made through the Cultural Industries Development Act.

The Minister made this comment on Thursday at the seminar entitled: Entrepreneurship Bridge ???Bridging the Gap???- Today???s Leaders; Tomorrow???s Prospects, at the Hilton Barbados, as part of the Annual Week of Excellence 2015.

Acknowledging the need for entrepreneurship, Mr. Lashley stated: ???Now is the time to nurture and encourage our people, especially our youth, to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams; to cross that bridge to self-employment instead of relying on traditional employment. Entrepreneurship has the capacity to create a healthy economy and strengthen our productive capacity.???

According to the Minister, entrepreneurs were vital to the development of the country, as their products and services added to the progress of society.?????There is no doubt in my mind that entrepreneurs are important.

All of the items that we take for granted; the things from which we get the greatest utility and joy, our modern day comforts, are only possible because of entrepreneurs,??? he asserted.

Highlighting the Cultural Industries Development Act, proclaimed February 1, 2015, Mr. Lashley advised all entrepreneurs to ???get familiar with this historic legislation which, for the first time, provides wide-ranging incentives to the cultural industries sector???.

He pointed out that through the Act, certified cultural entrepreneurs would be able to ???increase their competitiveness and promote the sustainability of their businesses???.

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