Barbadians have been urged to maintain a spirit of unity, community-mindedness and support for their fellow citizens.

This appeal came from Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley, during his address on Sunday at the Sagicor Inc. Lighting Ceremony in Independence Square, The City.

While referencing the recent road fatality that killed four young women, Mr. Lashley underscored the need for all Barbadians to come together in support of those affected.

???As we mourn the loss of Shakira, Shameka, Waveney and Kayrie and pray for the recovery of Nakisha, we are reminded of the need to be our brother’s keeper. We must come together and offer support to the families and friends of these our young citizens and reflect on the contributions they would have made to our country,??? he urged.

Referencing musician John King???s song, ???All Hands on Deck???, the Minister noted that for the nation to grow, the effort of every citizen was necessary. He added that great commitment was needed to ???move Barbados to a higher level???.

Echoing Mr. Lashley???s sentiments for the public to participate in the overall improvement of Barbados, Sagicor Life Inc.???s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Edward Clarke, admonished Barbadians to maintain a tidy city, noting that ???the littering must stop???.

The COO said that although his organisation had participated in the Lighting Ceremony for 20 years, it was impractical to light up the city with ???all these wonderful lights but still show off such bad habits [such as littering]???.

Alluding to the issue of violence, Mr. Clarke encouraged parents to take time to instil strong morals and values in their children. ???Teach them to respect themselves and in doing so, they will then learn to respect others. We must not only seek to decorate the exterior of our communities; we must make sure what is inside of us is worthy of our pride,??? he insisted.

This year, in addition to the roundabouts, one government building in each parish will be illuminated, along with a specially identified area in each parish.

These areas are: St. Lucy Parish Church, St. Peter Parish Church, St. Andrew Parish Church, Desmond Haynes Pavilion, St. James; St. Elizabeth Primary School, St. Joseph; St. John???s Parish Church, Gun Hill Signal Station, St George; St Thomas Post Office, St. Philip Parish Church, St. Stephen???s Church and South Point Light House, Christ Church.

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