The contributions of those who made this year???s Crop Over season a success were lauded last Saturday, when the Crop Over Awards 2013 ceremony was staged at the Frank Collymore Hall.

Acknowledging that planning and collaboration between Government, the National Cultural Foundation and other stakeholders had contributed to this achievement, Minister of Culture, Stephen Lashley, stressed that the Awards served to remind everyone of the true worth of the season.

???This annual Crop Over Awards Ceremony endorses the idea that the season???s success cannot be solely measured by the gate receipts, revenues earned, tourism numbers and reviews, although these are all important, but must take into account the valuable contributions made by you, our stakeholders,??? he said, noting that it signalled the commitment and dedication necessary for producing this nation???s ???sweetest summer festival???.

While offering congratulations to the monarchs of the various calypso competitions, bandleaders and others for their role, Minister Lashley also acknowledged the festival???s fiscal contribution to the economy.

???We are now on the eve of the 40th Anniversary of the revival of the Crop Over Festival which will be celebrated in 2014. And as we open our minds to the possibilities for 2014, we should ever be reminded that this season is not just about the revelry, pomp and pageantry, but has significant implications for the overall economic development of this island and the viability of the business community,??? he noted.

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