Barbados’ Prime Minister Owen Arthur, currently in Britain fulfilling a number of official engagements, told the British Press earlier today that the 2007 Cricket World Cup, now under way in the Caribbean, “must continue.”

He was at the time responding to a number of queries from the news media about the shadow cast over the competition in the wake of the untimely and suspicious death of the Pakistan cricket coach, Bob Woolmer.

In fielding questions from the BBC, Sky TV the Guardian and the Mail reporters on the logic in continuing the event, Mr. Arthur joined several other cricket enthusiasts as well as administrators of the game in urging that the event go on. He said although the circumstances surrounding Mr.

Woolmer’s death were very tragic, and had put a damper on the event; those were not sufficient enough reasons to abort the games. “Indeed, as I speak, they are continuing, and rightly so. I offer my personal and sincere condolences to Mr. Woolmer’s family and friends,” Mr. Arthur said.

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