The Caribbean Examinations Council???s (CXC) spanking new facility represents a commitment on the part of the Government and people of Barbados to the young people of this region.

Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ronald Jones, emphasised this yesterday, as he addressed the ceremony to officially open the building at Prince Road, Pine Plantation Road, St. Michael.

???It is for the purpose of their education???for their assessment???that we have this facility,??? Minister Jones said, acknowledging that CXC was one of the Caribbean???s excellent and outstanding institutions.

???A symbol of purpose; a symbol of Caribbean people??? We need to stop doubting ourselves and stride purposely down the path on to the journey to build more resilient economies, to build more resilient societies to ensure that all of our young people are not on the edges, not on the periphery being surrounded by all the dangers that are so very present in modern society,??? he declared.

The Education Minister also noted that it was through the work of the Council, as well as schools and other educational institutions, both public and private, that the region was able to develop and harness the talents of young people for productive development. And, he reminded those gathered that the Caribbean had provided outstanding citizens for the world and needed not to be ???so captured by that which is from over and away???.

While stating that CXC had made it possible for several people to have access to their suite of examinations, Mr. Jones lamented that there were still some persons who doubted that the Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence (CCSLC) would succeed. But, he stressed that Barbados had gone fully on board and it was expected that with time, every one of the island???s 22 secondary schools would write the CCSLC.

???We are not cherry picking; you will write it! You will write CSEC and we are expanding so that more and more can write CAPE,??? he told the audience, made up of regional educators, past chairmen and staffers of CXC.

Adding that the Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQs) would also be treated in like manner, Mr. Jones, a former teacher, said an increasing number of students were gradually writing the CVQs. ???[This is] because CXC understands the various talents of our people, not peculiar, but we too must understand the various talents of our people and cater to the various talents of our people,??? he suggested.

The new CXC facility is purpose-built and outfitted with the latest technology, and according to Minister Jones, soon the school-based assessments for both CSEC and CAPE would be authored digitally online. Calling this ???a step in the right direction???, he commended the leadership and staff of CXC and assured them that his Ministry would continue to work with them to ensure that the ???integrity of the CXC is not damaged???.

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