The history of stabilising Barbados??? beaches and coastline over the last 30 years will be in the forefront over the next few months.

This comes as officials at the Coastal Zone Management Unit (CZMU) launched a public awareness campaign entitled: 30 Years of Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Barbados, to educate the public about the efforts of the unit, and how they could assist in protecting Barbados??? shores in the years to come through sustainable development practices.

Acting Director of the CZMU, Dr. Lorna Inniss, said: ???The officers of the Coastal Zone Management Unit are public servants and we consider ourselves as here to serve the public first and foremost.

Each officer is committed to ensuring that the work that we do is of the highest quality in order to support the Barbados economy, and to ensure that Barbadians have ???A Coast To Be Proud Of???, that is our motto.???

Dr. Inniss added that with the launch of the campaign, she hoped to take members of the public through the journey and provide them with a history of what led to the formation of the CZMU; what successive administrations have done to support coastal zone management in Barbados; and what has made the CZMU one of the premier coastal zone management programmes across the globe.

To celebrate this milestone, the CZMU has planned a range of activities, including panel discussions, a photo exhibition and highlights from some of the pioneers and anchors of integrated coastal zone management in Barbados.

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