Members of the public are advised that a sand clearing exercise at the Richard Haynes Boardwalk is presently being undertaken by the Coastal Zone Management Unit (CZMU), and will run until Thursday, June 10.

In a statement today, the CZMU said a bobcat with tracks was being used to clear the boardwalk. However, it gave the assurance that there would be no damage to the boardwalk or turtle nests in the area.

“The Barbados Sea Turtle Project was consulted and provided input into the proposed methodology for sand clearing at the affected areas along the boardwalk,” the statement indicated.

It explained that high sea swells between October and May usually contributed to the boardwalk being inundated with sand.  It added that one night of high sea swells could result in sand being deposited on the boardwalk to the extent that it could only be removed mechanically.

The CZMU statement pointed out that the cost of removal for that volume of sand on the boardwalk was usually in excess of $10,000. 

“Therefore, the frequency of cleaning is usually based on being prudent, as it relates to monitoring swell activity to maximise the cost effectiveness of the cleaning,” it said. This, however, does not mean that sand will not be deposited again following another swell activity.

The statement noted that from the end of June until September, the frequency of above normal swell activity was greatly reduced resulting in less sand being deposited on the boardwalk making its removal more manageable and less expensive.

“Given the foregoing, the CZMU is working with the National Conservation Commission in the exploration of ways to reduce the amount of sand making its way on to the boardwalk, particularly during swell season,” the CZMU statement said.

Coastal Zone Management Unit

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