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Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Indar Weir, has revealed that his ministry is considering building dams in some agricultural areas heavily impacted by drought conditions.

He was speaking on the sidelines of the launch of the ApiCaribe project at the Embassy of Argentina, Hastings, Christ Church, today.  Minister Weir said he met with farmers involved in the Spring Hall Land Lease Project in St. Lucy, and those at Riverland, St. Philip, recently, to hear their plight.

As it relates to the Spring Hall Land Lease Project, he disclosed that authorities were keen on finding a temporary solution to the water challenges being experienced in that area, and they had “looked at the option of damming”. 

He said the affected farmers were “willing to participate and give of their labour to make sure we could do it”.

“So the ministry would then have to work with them in identifying locations and putting whatever financial resources we can find to help them do it in the short term,” he added.

Minister Weir further revealed that authorities were considering a similar undertaking at Riverland, St. Philip.  Additionally, plans were on the cards to expand the pond there; clear the vegetation obstructing the natural water course; and maintain the existing pumping system.

“There’s a tunnel, as well, that they drew to my attention that has to be cleared, so once we can do those things in the short term, they would go back to having a year-round supply of water,” he said, adding that he was pleased that the farmers were happy with the outcome of the talks.


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