The winning City of Bridgetown football team at Kensington Oval in December. (FP)

The recently concluded David Thompson Memorial Constituency Council Football Classic has been hailed as a success.

That is the pronouncement from the Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development, Steve Blackett, who said the tournament, which ran for 7 weeks and involved 76 matches across the length and breadth of Barbados, helped to rekindle community spirit in the island.

"There were no reports of violence. Local vendors and service providers were given new opportunities [to ply their trade] and young men from all over Barbados were able to showcase their tremendous talents and team spirit to the country," he said.

Speaking last Saturday evening at the St. John Constituency Council’s inaugural Awards Ceremony at the Massiah Wesleyan Holiness Worship Centre, Massiah Street, St. John, he revealed that talent scouts watching the tournament were very impressed and some players were invited for attachments with overseas teams.

Thirty teams representing the Constituency Councils took part in the Constituency Council Football Classic which was coordinated by the Department of Constituency Empowerment of the Ministry of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development.

The competition concluded in December with the City emerging victorious over St. Thomas at the Kensington Oval.


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