David Thompson Health and Social Sevices Complex in St. John. (GP)

From July 1, the operating hours at the David Thompson Health and Social Services Complex will be extended to 8:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

This was disclosed by Health Minister Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic on Tuesday, as he spoke on the sidelines of a media briefing on issues related to the Coronavirus, at the Ministry’s headquarters, Frank Walcott Building, Culloden Road, St. Michael.

While noting that Cabinet had approved the decision, he said the Ministry was contemplating extending those hours further to Saturday and Sunday because the polyclinic is closed on those days.

He said: “The polyclinic would normally close at an earlier time during the week. And, we are doing so for two reasons.  One, transportation is vital to the utilization of the facility, especially cross country travelling.  People coming from St. Joseph, St. Andrew, St. George need to be able to use the facility, and until we have the bus situation under control, it is prudent to do so rather than to go the full 24-hours.”

The other reason, he stated, was related to the Ministry trying to ensure that there was diagnostic capacity at the polyclinic before commencing the 24-hour system. He stressed that this would ensure people would not have to go to Bridgetown to have diagnostic and radiological tests. Minister Bostic added: “After the first of July, after we have been able to sort out the bus situation, then we will make an announcement as to the 24-hour service once we have had everything put in place in terms of getting those facilities at the polyclinic. For now, we are looking at extended hours from the first of July.”


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