The Ministry of Health disclosed today that there has been a decline in the number of confirmed cases of chikungunya in recent weeks. The levels of mosquito breeding have also fallen.

In 2014, there were 1,742 suspected cases of chikungunya, of which 121 were confirmed. There were also two deaths that were indirectly linked to the disease. In the last 10 weeks of 2014, the number of confirmed cases was six times less than in the previous 10 weeks.

The Caribbean Public Health Agency has advised that it is not necessary to conduct testing on everyone presenting with symptoms of chikungunya. However, pregnant women, elderly persons and persons with severe symptoms, such as fever for more than five days, intractable pain and incessant vomiting, are advised to seek immediate medical attention.

The Ministry thanked the public for its cooperation so far in response to chikungunya, and urged Barbadians to continue to be vigilant and take all necessary measures to reduce mosquito breeding around their premises.

The Ministry also praised the Environmental Health Department for contributing to the reduction in the level of mosquito breeding around the island, especially its community outreach efforts in collaboration with the Constituency Councils.

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