Work at the Coral Ridge Roundabout which has been delayed due to deep excavation

Work on the Coral Ridge Roundabout has been further delayed by deep excavation.

Deputy Chief Technical Officer, Ministry of Transport and Works, Nash Lovell, explained that this deep excavation has revealed "unsuitable clay-type soil" which has caused an unforeseen setback to the project, whose contractor is Black Bess Quarry Limited.

The excavation to the western end of the project has forced closure of the road along Highway R leading to the Frere Pilgrim Junction.?? Motorists are, therefore, advised to use Highway Q, the road running north-south from the junction of Boarded Hall through to Skeene’s Hill and the Balls Junction.

Mr. Lovell said that within the next two months it should be possible to do much of the preparatory work such as completion of the marl filling, concrete structures and earthen drains.??

Construction of splitter traffic islands for the roundabout are slated to start shortly, and it is expected that the final wearing course will be in place within the next two months, weather permitting.

At the work site proposed for the Boarded Hall Roundabout, the Carmichael leg has not reopened, but there has been considerable progress at that location with the completion of a concrete box drain and the linking of a cross culvert.

"The reprofiling of the marl fill is about 95 per cent completed, and it is expected that the wearing surface will be added to this section within the next two weeks to allow for its reopening to traffic," Mr. Lovell pointed out.

He added that it was hoped that a rotary system would be in place at Boarded Hall by the end of the next two weeks, once the duct work for the underground utilities from the Frere Pilgrim leg was covered.????

A minimum of two months is needed for substantial completion of the work at Boarded Hall.?? Outstanding work include linking of the box drain to the Frere Pilgrim section, completion of the roundabout circle, and preparation of the finished surface along all links once the utility poles are removed and underground systems are in place.

The Barbados Water Authority has completed all its major connections on this project.

Minister of Transport and Works, John Boyce, Permanent Secretary, Lionel Nurse, Chief Technical Officer, Frank Thornhill and other officials of the Ministry toured two roundabout sites today.

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