There is a great demand for the several benches being made by the National Conservation Commission (NCC).

This disclosure has come from General Manager of the NCC, Keith Neblett, who said: “The demand is such that we are finding it difficult keeping up with requests from householders, the private sector and a lot of the Parent Teacher Associations at schools.”

Mr. Neblett made the comments today while presenting an Arbor bench to Donovan Bagwell, who collected it on behalf of Ivy Jeffers; and a monetary donation to Rawle Gibson of the Lions Club of Bridgetown.

He said the employees of the NCC’s Works Department had built the bench for the recently held Arbor Day Expo, adding that they were currently designing benches in various styles for the NCC-managed parks and others to be sold to the public. He pointed out that the bench Mrs. Jeffers won was very popular with the patrons who attended the Arbor Expo and that by December of this year, four or five should be available for sale.

The General Manager pointed out that because of corrosion, the NCC was in the process of replacing some of the concrete benches throughout the parks and beach front with wooden ones.

“We recently put in a new set of benches at Enterprise, Brandons, the Drill Hall and Barclays Park and we have to put in more across the island. In the coming year, we will be installing over 200 benches and tables in the parks, and a similar number will be made for sale to the public,” he said.

Mr. Neblett observed that the Arbor Expo was well received and the Commission was interested in hosting similar events biannually, so the public could become familiar with the work being done there.

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