Although the young people of today have made much advancement, they must always strive to further themselves and diversify their skillsets.

That was the message shared by Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Senator Harcourt Husbands, during his address today at the opening ceremony of the Barbados Workers??? Union???s (BWU) Schools??? Outreach Programme.

Addressing students from various secondary schools at the BWU???s headquarters at Solidarity House, the Parliamentary Secretary told them that they were ???part of the most successful young generation in this country???s history???.

He cited the recent accomplishments of young Barbadians in various areas such as sport, music, and culinary arts where, according to the Senator, ???our young chefs win virtually every competition they that they participate in???.

Mr. Husbands told the students present that although they were part of a successful generation, there were many challenges they would encounter. The first challenge you have to confront is youth unemployment???You will now be expected to change your career several times,??? he remarked.

Acknowledging that the youth of today will not have the ???luxury??? of having only one career throughout their lifetime, the Parliamentary Secretary maintained that students needed to be proactive and forward thinking when considering their future endeavours.

???You have to be prepared for careers outside of Barbados. You have be prepared, qualified and trained for jobs that will exist outside of Barbados???When you don???t prepare yourself for this you will be left behind,??? he cautioned.

Citing the Caribbean Vocational Qualifications as an excellent opportunity for students to further enhance their skillset and increase the chances of them being employed, the Senator noted that there were several benefits to students having a regionally accepted qualification.

???The standards are set for the entire region [and] they are skill based; you leave school being able to do something. Take advantage of any training opportunity that comes your way. Think of the future,??? he urged.

The theme of the Schools??? Outreach Programme was: Your Career, Your Future. Among the many schools represented at the event were Ellerslie Secondary, Springer Memorial Secondary and the Metropolitan High School.

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