The Diabetes Association of Barbados and the Ministry of Health are hosting a series of workshops for healthcare professionals entitled: Conversation Map Education Tools at the Pan American Health Organisation, Dayrells Road, Christ Church, from Monday, May 21 to Tuesday, May 22.

As a result of the demand, another workshop will be held at the American University of Barbados, Wildey, St. Michael, on Thursday, May 24. All of the workshops begin each day at 9:00 a.m., and will be facilitated by Dr. Maxine Swain, Diabetes Educator, Conversation Map Tool Facilitator and Trainer for the International Diabetes Federation in the North American & Caribbean Region.

The Conversation Map education tools use the power of small group dialogue and collaborative learning to improve personal health management and enhance interactions between people with diabetes and healthcare professionals.

The tools are culturally relevant and customised according to geographic location and specifically target topics identified as most critical for supporting successful diabetes self-management, including Living with Diabetes; How Diabetes Works; Healthy Eating and Keeping Active and Starting Insulin.

The objective of the workshops is to teach healthcare professionals how to conduct a Conversation Map session for persons with diabetes.

The developers of the brand, Healthy Interactions Inc., an international health education company, recognise that people with diabetes want simple solutions to complex problems. They will "tolerate" what health care professionals have to say, but will ultimately act on their own conclusions.

This particular brand of diabetes education tools has evolved into one of industry’s most attractive educational programmes, granting people living with and treating diabetes access to this innovative resource to help them overcome the daily challenges of the disease.

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