???The Future is Here Today??? was how Minister of Education Science, Technology and Innovation, Ronald Jones summed up Digicel???s latest innovation in the market place, Digicel Play.

He told Digicel???s representatives and invited guests at the official launch at Colonnade Mall in Bridgetown: ???What you are also doing is bringing to the market an extremely high level of competition and that means that your clients, all of those who buy your product(s) will be able to stay on the cutting edge.???

While lauding the features of Digicel Play, particularly its download speed, he added: ???Competition encourages persons to try to stay on the cutting edge because you don???t only want to maintain those clients but you want to get more clients to build out.??

“At the end of the day, it is about your bottom line???. But that happens as a result of the quality service that you bring. Once you bring quality service Barbadians will migrate to you and if you don???t bring quality service they will migrate from you.???

The Education Minister noted that Government had recently signed with Digicel, the roll out of a Wide Area Network to connect all ministries and departments to its network and said he looked forward to that company???s work with its fibre optic cable.

He acknowledged they were rolling out at a time when Barbadians would be able to enjoy whatever was happening in the world in terms of sports and news.

???Constantly, you change, you transform, you re-mould, to bring the best that you have to Barbadians and I believe that we all as Barbadians deserve the best and as long as you can continue to bring that best then we can continue to work together,??? stressed Mr. Jones.

While adding there was room for Digicel to become part of the educational framework, he promised that his Ministry would engage them on ways to make learning more interesting and easier in the context of EDUTECH.

Digicel???s management, meanwhile, noted that the company which was celebrating its 12th year on the island, sought to offer customers ???the fastest internet at home and the best in content with Digicel Play???.

Chief Executive Officer of Digicel Barbados Ltd., Connor Looney said by year-end, they would have invested over BDS $100 Million in a fibre technology network and this reliable system would ensure Barbadians were kept ???in the forefront of technological changes in this highly data centric world???.

???It is a great investment and will benefit all customers across the country. It is also great for the employers of Digicel and the partners and suppliers that support Digicel in delivering that service,??? he said while disclosing that they had hired over 100 new support staff.

Digicel Play is a world class, fibre network, television and calling service. It is a significantly huge investment in people, vehicles and over 1000 km of fibre laid across Barbados and the interlinking of other networks.

Launched quietly in December 2015, it has now been accelerated around the country and is available to some 90,000 (or 75 per cent) homes.


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