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While the policy for the use of cell phones in schools will be coming shortly, Education Minister Ronald Jones is also letting teachers know that the digital assessment of students’ work is also on the cards.

Mr. Jones, who also bears responsibility for Science, Technology and Innovation, disclosed this today while at the Blackman and Gollop Primary School, Staple Grove, Christ Church for a handover of books from authors, Dr. Elizabeth and Hans Grundin, Directors of Early Literacy Resources in the United Kingdom.

Stating that the digital assessment of children’s work was being considered to allow for instantaneous response, he explained it would see a move away from there being “delayed gratification to instant gratification”, where student results were concerned.

“By simply putting online the assessment, you can do a whole ton of things with them and the child can go through and check back and forth… The child can see that result instantly, while the teacher as well would get the script coming straight on the teacher’s own technology, so that you can input it into some other marking instrument or scheme.

“Or, the system can be so set up that it can take that mark and put it besides your name and would develop a whole system of continuously assessing the work of students. I am hopeful that you leaders in the school will help work with your IT [Information Technology] persons,” Mr. Jones stated, adding that this would also mean undergoing new training.

He further pointed out that this would entail selecting some pilot schools to move the agenda forward and added: “Everything that you see now, those are going to be revamped, including the Management Information and Student Information Systems. So prepare for some work, a little harder work, because we have to make the system responsive to modern demands.”


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