President of the Senate, Senator Kerryann Ifill (FP)

This island’s President of the Senate, Senator Kerry Ann Ifill, has been described as "a tremendous asset" to the National Disabilities Unit (NDU) and someone who "inspires and motivates, not only Persons with Disabilities, but everyone who comes into contact with her".??

These remarks have come from Acting Director of the NDU, Lloyd Springer, who congratulated Senator Ifill on her recent elevation.

Mr. Springer alluded to the Senator’s post as President of the Barbados Council for the Disabled, and pointed out that "administratively, she assesses situations well and makes wise judgments. She is very diplomatic, and always has the best interest of her charges and colleagues at heart. This humble, articulate lady is orderly and visionary."

The NDU head also lauded her contribution to that organisation, where she was seconded in June 2010, as the Information Technology Specialist.

"She is the tutor for the NDUs IT Programme, which places an emphasis on technology for the blind and visually impaired. The Senator…has also been given the responsibility of bringing the NDU’s website and the Multi-purpose Identification Card to completion. As a teacher and fellow employee, Senator Ifill is highly regarded and is respected by students and peers," Mr. Springer affirmed.

Highlighting Senator Ifill’s active role at the Anglican Church of the Resurrection, where she is a Sunday School teacher and Superintendent and has also served as the Alternate and Synod Representative, Mr. Springer added that the Senator "is of sound character and possesses high moral and ethical standards".

He also commended the newly appointed President of the Senate for her singing and ballroom dancing skills and described her as "one of the most gifted and versatile individuals I know".


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