Parents and guardians will get an opportunity to understand how music can improve their children’s ability to read, when the Barbados Association of Reading holds its next monthly meeting, this Saturday,??February 5.

The meeting, which takes place at 6:30 p.m., at Erdiston Teachers’ Training College, Pine Hill, St. Michael, will examine the topic Using Music to Teach Literacy Skills.

The presenter will be Chief Executive Officer and Publisher of Eduquest Caribbean, George Vaughan, who is a former Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, Youth leader and Education Officer in the United Kingdom (UK). He is expected to draw on this experience and show how music has successfully contributed to the education of children in the UK.?? ??

The Barbados Association of Reading was revived in 2006. Its aim is to promote reading and literacy across the island and the professional development of teachers, empowering them with strategies to assist the teaching of reading. This year it will be focusing on working with community groups and getting the message of literacy into the public arena.??

The President of the Association is Christina Morris, Education Officer (Reading and Literacy) with the Ministry of Education.

Information on the Barbados Association of Reading, persons may contact the public relations officer, Cheryl Williams, at at the Garrison School 426-5414.??

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