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Members of the public are asked to note that the District “D” Magistrates’ Court will remain closed until Friday, May 10.

During this time, the payment and collection of maintenance money for that court will take place at the District “A” Magistrates’ Court, Coleridge Street, St. Michael.  The District “D” Magistrates’ Court will reopen on Monday, May 13, from the Cane Garden, St. Thomas complex.

The court was closed last week after staff reported smelling a strong odour in the administrative office, which permeated other areas of the building.  As a result, only urgent matters were heard at the court following its closure on Wednesday, April 24.

Registrar of the Supreme Court, Barbara Cooke-Alleyne, requested that a private environmental company investigate the source of the odour on Thursday, April 25, and it was confirmed that the odour was coming from a decaying mammal, which is believed to be a rodent.

In a statement issued today, Mrs. Cooke-Alleyne said the company also identified a number of other environmental issues which could have a negative impact on the indoor air quality at the District “D” Magistrates’ Court and its associated offices.

This prompted the decision by the Registrar and Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Attorney General, Yvette Goddard, to close the court, and have it relocated to the Cane Garden, St. Thomas complex.


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