Royal Barbados Police Force.

The Royal Barbados Police Force acknowledges that there has been erroneous news circulating on social media and formal media houses.

This news alleged that there was a closure of the District ‘E’ Police Station on Saturday 4th April 2020.

This Media Release serves to advise the general public that the District ‘E’ Police Station located at Speightstown, St. Peter, is currently open to serve the public. We wish to state emphatically that it was never closed to the public, as was reported on various social media.

On Saturday April 4th, 2020, there was a situation where a suspect in custody at the station had exhibited symptoms, that given the current pandemic situation, it became necessary to have a medical examination by members of the COVID-19 medical team.  

As a precautionary measure, all police personnel who had come into contact with this individual whilst in custody remained self-isolated at the station.

The results subsequently came back negative for COVID -19.  Both the suspect and all police personnel were cleared.  At no point during this ordeal was a decision made to close the station.

Please be advised that all Police Stations on island remain open as we continue in our quest to serve, protect and reassure the public, especially during this pandemic crisis

The Royal Barbados Police Force takes this opportunity to encourage the public to comply with all of the lawful directives relating to the curfew. Police patrols will be taking a humane, but zero-tolerance approach to breaches of this curfew.

Royal Barbados Police Force

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