The Barbados Accreditation Council today reminded those skilled CARICOM nationals who are desirous of obtaining the CARICOM Certificate of Recognition that several documents must accompany their application forms. The original documents will be copied, certified and returned. They are: a police certificate of character from the home country and any other countries where the applicant has resided for more than six months since the age of 16, a birth certificate or proof of citizenship, a marriage certificate (where applicable), qualifications, a work permit (where necessary), two passport size photos and passport, and proof of registration with a professional agency.

In addition, a fee of BDS $100 must be paid to the Barbados Accreditation Council, the body responsible for the issuance of this skills certificate.

It is a key plank of the CARCIOM Single Market which allows media persons, university graduates, musicians, artistes, sportsperson nurses and non-graduate teachers to seek employment without the need for a work permit in any of the participating CARICOM member states.

While media workers must obtain the application form from, and return it to, the Barbados Government Information Service, sportspersons, musicians, artistes, university graduates, non-graduate teachers and nurses should collect theirs from the Barbados Sports Council, the National Cultural Foundation, the Ministry of Education and the Barbados Accreditation Council respectively.

Further information about the accreditation process may be obtained by calling the Council at 429-9111, 436-9094 or 436-7636. The email is and the fax number is 429-9233.

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