The Animal Control Centre has reminded the public that all dogs six months old and over must be licensed by the Centre, located at the Lazaretto Compound, Lower Black Rock, St. Michael.

In addition, all canines imported into the island should be registered with the Centre.??

In a situation where a dog is sold or given away, it is the responsibility of the previous owner to inform the Centre in writing of the change in ownership and provide contact information for the new owner(s).?? Meanwhile, when a dog dies, the owner should promptly return the license tag to the Animal Control Centre, as tags are not transferable.

The Notice for Renewal or reminder sent by the Centre to all canine owners may be returned with the requisite information by folding the form to ensure that the return address is visible on the outside for mailing.?? No stamp is required.

New canine owners may license their dogs by calling the Maurice Byer Polyclinic at 422-4647; Six Roads Polyclinic at 428-3250; or the Animal Control Centre at 425-1033 or 425-5559.

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