A local support group will be set up shortly for victims and survivors of domestic violence.

To this end, a meeting will be held for the victims and survivors on Monday, July 20, at the Bureau of Gender Affairs, Keith Bourne Complex, Belmont Road, St. Michael, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

This meeting is being hosted by the Bureau, in association with the SAVE (Services Alliance for Violent Encounters) Foundation. It is designed to give those persons who experienced domestic violence an opportunity to ventilate their feelings among persons who had similar experiences.

Psychiatrist, Janelle Mayers, and several trained counsellors will be on hand to guide the process, as well as to have one-on-one counselling sessions with some of those present.

Chairman of the Save Foundation, Liesel Daisley, is urging victims, survivors and members of the public who want to learn more about domestic violence to attend. "They will also have an opportunity to ask questions and learn about the various coping mechanisms which may be employed," she said.

Ms. Daisley, a survivor of domestic violence, pointed out that a support group was vital. She stated: "Based on my past experience, having such a group is one of the most important steps in healing and getting over the bad experience. It is more painful to walk around with the pain and resentment. It is better to talk it over and get it off your chest, because then you are able to move on with your life."

The SAVE Foundation is a non-profit organisation, which was launched earlier this year to increase awareness of domestic violence, as well as sensitise Barbadians about their rights under the Domestic Violence (Protection) Act.


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