Dr. Jamario Skeete has been named the Queen Elizabeth???s Hospital???s (QEH) Intern of the Year 2012-2013.

The young doctor, who hopes to specialise in Cardiology, was bestowed with the honour during an award presentation at the hospital today. He said he was grateful for the opportunity not only to train ???free of cost??? at the QEH but also to be able to give back to patients and ???our country as a whole???.

Dr. Skeete is one of a group of four friends who excelled during their internships. Dr. Addison St. John, Dr. Ciel Harris and Dr. Dana Forde, most of whom knew each other from childhood, received three of the four awards for Most Outstanding Interns.

Dr. Kymberly Jones, who is currently out of the island, also received one of the awards.

???The same principles we had as students we still apply now; we studied together, we fought together, we stayed up late together, we cried together and prayed together. At the end of the day, we did what we had to do and we ended up doing fairly well at the end of our degrees,??? Dr. St. John disclosed.

The QEH???s Internship Coordinator, Dr. Clyde Cave, acknowledged that much of Dr. Skeete and his friends??? success was due to their support of each other.

???I think it is quite remarkable that of the 26 potential [interns] who are finished, five are outstanding and the four who are here are all from the same study group. Success is not just what you are given, it is what you bring to the table and it is a
continuous process. Part of their success is that they worked together to go the distance. It is quite amazing that all four people from their study group are sitting [here] as Intern of the Year and Most Outstanding Interns whereas the others who showed up and did their jobs and who were also successful in their internships are not here,??? he observed.

He said Dr. Skeete displayed all of the personal and professional characteristics which ???exemplified the best of our young doctors???. The Internship Coordinator added that it was a difficult decision because they were ???several good young doctors???.

During their internship, Dr. Skeete and his colleagues??? training included three-month rotations in the departments of Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics and General Surgery.

???At the end of this year of internship they are now eligible to be registered with the Medical Council of Barbados which will enable them to practise in Barbados and pursue post-graduate specialty training,??? Dr. Cave said.

While the four interns said they were pleased with their accolades, they expressed some concern over finding jobs in both the public and private sector. They said they might be forced to look outside of Barbados for employment.


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