Bridgetown. (FP)

The public is advised that the Draft Amendment to the Physical Development Plan is now available for review.

Those interested in examining the document should visit the Town and Country Planning Department, Block C, The Garrison, St. Michael, between 8:15 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., or the Town Planning Department’s website at Written comments will be accepted through the website, or may be sent to the Town and Country Planning Department’s office.

The proposed Amendment to the Physical Development Plan 2017 is intended to provide a vision for Barbados’ sustainable growth and development by setting out policies to guide relationships among land uses, built form, mobility, community facilities and physical infrastructure. It is also intended to be a framework to facilitate and guide investment, both public and private, in Barbados until 2030.

The first Physical Development Plan for Barbados was published in 1970 and came into operation fully in 1976. Barbados is one of the few countries in the Caribbean that has a current Physical Development Plan.

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