Members of the public are being urged to desist from removing metal grills covering manholes, while coconut vendors are being warned against leaving their shells at the side of roads.

Director of the Drainage Division, Keith Barrow, said they were now in the process of writing to the Commissioner of Police and the Ministry of Transport and Works to highlight the problem of the covers being stolen over recent months.

He said over the last month, four grill covers, measuring 750 x 750 ml square went missing from areas such as Durants Development and Lodge Road, in Christ Church and the Pine, St. Michael.

Voicing his concerns for the second time in just one month, the Director warned that removing the grills could present a danger to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and result in debris flowing into the wells, increasing the possibility of flooding.

As it relates to coconut vendors, Mr. Barrow again stressed that they were leaving their shells at the side of the roads, causing drainage systems to become blocked during heavy rainfall.

He noted that the problem was particularly evident from vendors operating in Kendall Hill, Christ Church, just outside the Texaco Service Station.

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