The canal at Brathwaithe’s Road, Bank Hall before the start of the drainage project.

Government’s Drainage Division been praised for its flood mitigation efforts.

It has come from Minister responsible for Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe, who has lauded the department for its professionalism.

Singling out the Brathwaithe’s Road Canalisation and Holetown Flood Mitigation projects, the two with the heaviest concentration of work so far, Dr. Lowe  contended: “To their  credit  it is a remarkable achievement for the projects to have come in on time and within the budget. This represents the quality of work which the Division will be known for.”

“We laud the department for the work being done. The public is also impressed and there are minimal interruptions,” the Minister opined.

Noting that the unit’s leadership had taken fully on board the Ministry’s vision to foster the protection of the environment, sustainable development and improved quality of life for all citizens, Minister Lowe said that: “the announced mandate for the Drainage Division has been progressively and professionally delivered.”

The Minister, who was speaking during a recent interview with the Government Information Service, stressed that everything done by the division to date had been aimed at achieving these national objectives, while seeking to reduce the incidence of flooding across the island.

While admittedly, “generally satisfied,” with the dedication of the Ministry’s staff, Minister Lowe noted that due to the current climate it was expected that departments be more vigilant in maintaining standards of excellence. “The Drainage Division will be continuing to identify priority areas for flood mitigation and will bring to bear the full resources of the Division for the correction of those problems,” he concluded.

The Brathwaithe’s Road project will involve the canalisation of a 300 metre drain, which will run from Bank Hall Road to Skeete’s Road, St. Michael in order to allow for a natural flow of water from upper Bank Hall to the Constitution River at the Globe Round-about.

Meanwhile, the Holetown drain forms part of the wider Holetown Flood mitigation work, which seeks to reduce storm flows and redirect flood waters away  from Highway One.

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