This island’s Minister of Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Business development, Senator Lynette Eastmond, has commended  a local entrepreneur and inventor for his production of a  board game based on cricket.

Senator Eastmond was last evening speaking at the Launch of “Eezee Kricket” at the Sherbourne Conference Centre.  It was conceptualised by inventor, James Corbin.

“This is a board game, but it is one that comes out of using the various facilities that we now have in technology. That has made it much easier for it to be conceptualised here in Barbados. The manufacturing of it is the basic part, the value of it really is the intellectual property and I think that is really the future of Barbados. There are a few things that we will continue to manufacture, but the key is in the intellectual property, the idea,” she said.

Senator Eastmond noted that the game contained everything that was being done in the Ministry and Government “with respect to the development of business, innovation, the use of technology and intellectual property rights”.

Mr Corbin said the game captured all the “nuances of the real game in a handy, portable kit”. It is played on a board with 64 squares, where each square represents an event on a cricket field.

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