The future of eco-friendly businesses in Barbados is in good hands, after over 70 campers between the ages 13 and 17 successfully participated in the five-week Camp Enterprise 2015 summer programme.

Manager of the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES), Selma Greene, explained that the camp, which focused on creating an awareness of eco-friendly businesses, went ???green??? this year.

Speaking ahead of a cleanup of the Warrens area earlier this morning, Mrs. Greene pointed out that YES had partnered with the Future Centre Trust, and was not only focusing on commercialising ???green??? businesses, but on encouraging the campers to give back to the community.

Noting that they were looking for an area close to the camp???s headquarters at Queen???s College, the YES Manager described the Warrens area as ???ripe??? for a cleanup.

Mrs. Greene added that her organisation had partnered with several agencies this year, namely the Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation, the Barbados Public Workers??? Cooperative Credit Union, the Barbados Workers??? Union Credit Union, and Scotia Bank, and had secured more sponsorship than in previous years.

So far, she indicated, the response to the YES programme had been ???excellent???.?????We cater to young persons, 18 to 35, who are passionate and interested in starting a business???

“The response has been phenomenal. We have a large youth population and quite a few of those young people are interested in becoming entrepreneurs and being self-employed. Therefore, they come into YES, to get that assistance to either create their businesses or expand,” she explained.

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