There is a need for ???due process??? when dealing with difficult situations in the education system.

This call came from Minister of Education, Science Technology and Innovation, Ronald Jones, during a press conference on Wednesday at his Ministry.

Mr. Jones, who was addressing criticisms on the course of action taken by his Ministry in response to a recent altercation at a secondary school, said that before the commencement of the investigation process there were calls for extreme action.

???We are forced by law to behave in a particular manner???we will stay in the confines of the law,??? he emphasised, adding that whatever course of action is taken would be done ???according to the law.???

Acknowledging that further action must be taken to examine and curb the trend of violence in schools, Mr. Jones said that it was his Ministry’s intention to establish a broad-based committee to investigate violence in schools, its causes and solutions, so as to better secure schools. He further explained that various stakeholders would be invited to be part of the committee.

The Education Minister also took the opportunity to assure parents that next Tuesday???s Barbados Secondary Schools??? Entrance Examination would not be compromised due to the looming threat of industrial action.

Mr. Jones stated that although he hoped that ???the withdrawal of labour is not done???, the examination would be set regardless.?????[Parents] have no need to worry about the conduct of the exam, or the integrity of the exam. All systems are in place for the conduct of the 11plus,??? Mr. Jones affirmed.

While not detailing the systems to be implemented to ensure the conduct of the exam, the Education Minister assured the public that the threat of industrial action would not affect those scheduled to take the exam on May 3.

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