Minister of Education, Ronald Jones

Minister of Education, Ronald Jones says the creation of partnerships is a vital factor in ensuring that every child benefits from the country’s educational system.

He was speaking at the First Caribbean Workshop on Capacity Building for Open Education Resources being hosted by the Commonwealth of Learning in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

Minister Jones stated that “the Government of Barbados is committed to ensuring that every school child recognises his or her potential. How can this be achieved with limited resources, financial and otherwise? Quite simply, it can be achieved through partnerships.”

Stressing that he was not advocating the wholesale consumption of foreign resources and materials, Mr. Jones added that institutions such as the Commonwealth of Learning “help governments and institutions to expand the scope, scale and quality of learning by using new approaches. We here in the Caribbean must be willing to tap into these resources.”

He pointed out that “with the complete revision of the curriculum and the integration of technology into the teaching/learning process in Barbados, it was expected that there would have been a dramatic increase in Barbados’ educational, social and cultural achievements.

“I contend that while much has been achieved, more can be done,” Mr. Jones declared. He added: “It is to this end that the Government of Barbados intends to utilise all available expertise and resources to effect the necessary changes.”

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