Minister of Education, Science and Technology wants the Alleyne School to surpass its athletic performances.

At the recently-concluded Barbados Secondary Schools Athletic Championships BSSAC, the boys placed 11th and the girls 16th.

While last academic year, the school???s overall pass rate for subjects taken at CXC General Proficiency level was just under 90 per cent.

Mr. Jones three out the challenge yesterday as he addressed the school???s Speech Day and Prize-giving ceremony in St. Andrew.??

He urged the school to improve on such weak areas as Mathematics, History and English, where students were either scoring poorly or numbers there were only a few students taking the particular subjects.

Meanwhile in her remarks, Principal Julia Beckles noted that the school had provided extra classes for students and rooms where they could have supervised study.

???However, what appears to be lacking in large measure, is the self-discipline to commit to studies and the hunger for success. We are committed to doing more to impress upon our students that they too must make a greater contribution to their success.

She added: ???I am persuaded that one of the biggest problems facing us in education is the eroding influence of parents and guardians on our students. We will continue to struggle to build a high performance culture in schools until parents and guardians return to valuing education. We, here, at the Alleyne [school] will continue to devise methods to assist our parents in any way we can.???

Boasting of the increase in numbers who make The Principal???s Honours Roll, which is now in its 11th year, the Principal said: ???There is a positive trend, since we note a connection between students, who maintain a constant presence on the Honours Roll and those who register superlative performances at CSEC.???

As she lauded the increased roll seen with boys on the list, Ms. Beckles continued: ???This is a welcome change as our male students have, for too long, seemed content to let their female counterparts dominate in every area of academia. We look forward to the day when large numbers of male students on the Honours Roll becomes the norm.???

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