Minister of Education, Ronald Jones (FP)

Education Minister, Ronald Jones, today hinted at the hosting of a consultation to be held next month for partners to discuss issues relating to the education.

It will be held on Friday, September 7, at the Wildey Gymnasium at the Garfield Sobers Complex.

"As a Ministry, we want to bring the partners in – principals and teachers – and we are going to invite the trade unions and professional organsiations to be part of that exercise.?? Through their leadership they will have a voice as well because notwithstanding the different roles we might play, we are all involved in one project.?? There are not several projects.?? There is one project and that is the educating of a nation.?? Our idea is partnership," Mr. Jones stressed.??

Participants will be invited and additional details on this event will be given in the coming weeks, he pointed out.


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