Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones, greets members of a Boys’ Scout pack??during his visit to St. Gabriel’s School. At right is Principal Carol Vaughan(C. Pitt/BGIS)

??On the eve of Independence, Barbadians are being urged to show reverence to the National Anthem.

This appeal came today from Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones, as he addressed the official opening of a nursery class at the St. Gabriel’s School, Henry’s Lane.

Commending the students on their singing of the Anthem, Mr. Jones said it was through respect for this that "we are better able to appreciate the struggles of this nation over time and… what we are doing in this great nation called Barbados."

Adding that there was a need to ignite feelings of passion and love of country in our young people, the Education Minister suggested it was sometimes questionable whether "love of country" was still "very much there".?? He stated this against the backdrop that there were some persons today, who, when the National Anthem was played, "find opportunity to do everything else but stand at attention".

Minister Jones also urged Barbadians living here and abroad to continue to show commitment to this country.

The Education Minister told students, parents and teachers that words contained in the National Pledge also held much significance. He mentioned phrases such as "And, by my living…" meant that there were some things we all must do.

"We first have to respect each other. As little children, there wouldn’t be any bullying because you [would] appreciate and understand diversity among each and every one of us. You [would] understand the differences which exist in humanity because of… God," Mr. Jones said.

He added that it meant working for each other "so that even the least among us can feel comfortable living in this country where vulnerabilities exist [and] that we can reach out and help those who are not as fortunate."


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