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The successful staging of the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Athletic Championships (BSSAC) 2022, by its Organising Committee, has been commended by the Ministry of Education, Technological & Vocational Training.

Chief Education Officer, Dr. Ramona Archer-Bradshaw, speaking on behalf of Minister Kay McConney, said: “They say ‘necessity is the mother of invention’.  With the drive to host the athletic championship in the midst of a pandemic and the determination to provide an avenue for our children to showcase their athletic abilities, the first zonal meet, in the history of BSSAC, was born.

“Let these championships serve as a new beginning, a renewed path to demonstrating the strength of the human spirit to carry on despite the odds.  It is hoped that, through this approach, your understanding of the meaning of the word “TEAM” (Together Everyone Achieves More) is solidified. I also hope that training and competing together in zones has forged greater collaborations and stronger friendships that will last a lifetime.”

She praised the athletes for maintaining their training throughout the turbulent times and for their outstanding performances during the competition.  

Noting that they stood tall, making their school, zone and country proud, Dr. Archer Bradshaw stressed that in the face of the challenges of navigating this pandemic, they must apply what they learnt and gained during the sporting season to their other interests and pursuits.

The Chief Education Officer said: “For some of you, this is your final BSSAC, and I implore you to treasure these two days.  For those of you who have the privilege of going to CARIFTA, good luck!  To all of our athletes, I encourage you to reflect on your own performances and critically analyse what deficits could be improved to become a better athlete.”

Assuring athletes that the Ministry remained committed to ensuring their long-term athletic development was protected, Dr. Archer-Bradshaw observed that this year’s BSSAC was the first step to reactivating their interest and participation in all sporting disciplines and extra-curricular offerings within schools.  

Further reminding them that they were the future of the nation’s sporting excellence, the she encouraged the athletes “to work hard and aim high”.

The Chief Education Officer also expressed gratitude to the sponsors, principals, management teams, physical education teachers, coaches, officials, parents, and many others who contributed to the year’s efforts. 

“You have not only made this event a reality, but a success!  Let us give God thanks for the chance to gather here together again,” she stressed, while encouraging them to look forward to 2023 with a renewed focus, passion, and the assurance that all things are possible.


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