It was a time to reflect about the challenges in education and the wider society when Minster of Education, Ronald Jones, today addressed a packed congregation of educators and students at the Christ Church Parish Church to mark the official start of Education Month.

Mr. Jones told those present: ???We are here to celebrate education, to speak, yes, of the positives that there are, but also to reflect a bit on some of the challenges that we have in education and in the wider society.???

Stressing that negative behaviours did not start with the young people, the Education Minister said he abhorred hypocrisy, and was annoyed to know that every young person was being blamed for everything that happened in the country.

???We???ve seen all signs and signals before. But they were differences in our society then. We are in a harsh world reality now,??? stressed the Minister while alluding to the changes brought by technology and its instantaneous nature.

It was noted that when such ???burdens of negativity??? were placed on young people, we were destroying and discrediting them and educators were urged not to join the bandwagon but constantly help to ???show the light??? even where darkness existed.

Educators and parents were therefore urged to find a new way and a new path to rescue the young people and they were reminded to neither surrender to the negative nor allow it to engulf them, but to surmount it.

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