Officials from the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development will next Wednesday, March 9, undertake a tour of three projects, scheduled for completion within this academic year. The aim of the site visits is to examine the progress of work and provide an update to stakeholders.

The projects include infrastructural upgrades at Harrison College to accommodate information technology (IT), as well as two new educational institutions – a nursery school at Sharon St. Thomas and a primary school at Staple Grove, Christ Church – due to come on stream by September this year.??

Minister of Education, Ronald Jones, will lead the tour party from his Ministry at the Elsie Payne Complex, at 9:00 a.m., and visit Harrison College, Crumpton Street, St. Michael.??

The officials will then travel to the project sites at St. Thomas and Christ Church respectively, for visits that are expected to conclude by noon.

The nursery at Sharon, St. Thomas forms part of Government’s overall plan for the expansion of nursery infrastructure and provision of nursery facilities. It is a joint effort between Government and the Maria Holder Memorial Trust that was started in July 2010 and is on target for completion by the end of May.

The project at Staple Grove will see the amalgamation of two schools; South District Primary School and St. David’s Primary School, come September 2011. Officially started in November 2009, it is due to be completed in July of this year.

Meanwhile, work on Harrison College is in keeping with Government’s Education Sector Enhancement Programme (EDUTECH). In addition to the upgrade of infrastructure, this project includes the provision of additional computer laboratories.??

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