Minister of Education, Ronald Jones presenting Valedictorian and top student in the Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership, Michael Toppin, with his certificate at the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College Graduation on Saturday night at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. (C.Pitt/BGIS)

There will be a technology overhaul at all educational institutions soon.

Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ronald Jones, acknowledged this last Saturday as he addressed Erdiston Teachers’ Training College Graduation ceremony, at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

Whether government or private sector-owned institutions, primary, secondary and tertiary level institutions all stand to benefit, Mr. Jones said.

“….Erdiston College, SJPP, BCC, including the private schools – everyone, once they are registered with us – we will be completely re-deploying technology across every one of these schools. From tablets, laptops and desk tops,” he indicated.

Mr. Jones was also quick to inform the teachers that it was not technology that helps a student to learn better and to grasp information more quickly or efficiently. Rather, he pointed out, it was how educators teach students and the attitude that they have while teaching the young minds under their care.

The Education Minister also noted that some students were able to understand things that even adults could not.  Alluding to their understanding of dub artistes, the former educator noted that young persons understood what these artistes were trying to say in their lyrics, mainly because it interested them.

He stressed that teachers had therefore, to find ways of making a subject matter interesting so that students would want to learn the material.

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