A call has gone out for students and teachers in secondary schools and tertiary level institutions to make more use of the on-line library service, coordinated by the Higher Education Development Unit (HEDU), of the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development.

Director of the HEDU, Dr. Patrick Rowe, made this appeal today, ahead of training for librarians on the e-library facility, on Wednesday, January 16, at the HEDU’s headquarters, "Anselm House", Government Hill, St. Michael.

Pointing out that the e-library provides access to a set of databases specific to all disciplines taught across schools and institutions, Dr. Rowe said: "It has been three years since we started this e-library and we have had over 100,000 searches but mainly from the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College. But, we need to have it utilised more by students and teachers.

"Last year, we added a Caribbean studies database and this year we have added e-books to the database. It gives flexibility to the student who wants to download to their Kindle or other tablet. I think that meeting the students where they spend most of their time – which is online is a good strategy for student access of materials and for giving them the opportunity to produce good quality research."

The e-library also gives students the opportunity to conduct research using the latest journals and publications. Among the texts available are the works of Shakespeare and Chaucer and numerous Caribbean texts being used at lower juniors, CXC level and tertiary institutions including In The Castle of My Skin by George Lamming, which was published nearly 60 years ago.????

Students should contact their school librarian to obtain a password since all secondary schools have access to the online service at www.ebscohost.com/ebooks.


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