Over 50 teachers from public and private secondary schools will gather at The Lodge School, Society, St. John, tomorrow Tuesday, January 26, to learn more about the Schools’ Positive Behaviour Management Programme (SPBMP).

The educators will view a demonstration of the SPBMP in action at the school through a tour and several presentations of how SPBMP has transformed the 270-year old institution.

The demonstration/tour starts at 10:15 a.m. and runs until noon. Participants will be exposed to the programme best practices and will gain tips for the successful implementation of SPBMP at their own schools.

They will also get an understanding of the various systems for rewarding students who display positive characteristics and/or meet the school???s expectations in different areas, including academics. The programme is being coordinated by SPBMP team leader and Head of the Home Economics Department, Sonia St. Hill.

Education Officer (Secondary), Kaylene Kellman-Holder, will deliver brief remarks on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation at the start of the event. The school???s principal, Vasco Dash; Guidance Counsellor, Laura Arthur; and other staff members will also address the gathering before they tour the compound to see SPBMP at work.


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