Two experts from Universidad Autonoma Chapingo, Mexico, Dr. Raymundo Rangel-Santos and Dr. Jose Garcia-Muniz, are in Barbados to determine the extent to which technologies employed in Mexico could impact the development of the Barbados Blackbelly Sheep.

These experts, who will be focusing on embryo transfer technology to improve the quality of local breeding stock, will meet with Ministry of Agriculture officials.

They will also meet farmers and technical development partners to discuss the opportunities and challenges regarding the development of the Barbados Blackbelly Sheep.

This visit was arranged after a meeting with two Barbadians, Greg Welch and Jamekal Andwele, who participated in a three-week training course on sheep production at the Universidad Autonoma Chapingo, Mexico.

The course was part of an agricultural programme launched by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) and the Ministry of Agriculture in Mexico to enhance the capacity of approximately 200 Caribbean farmers and technicians.

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