Dr. Pekka Hallbert chats with Acting Prime Minister Freundel Stuart during a courtesy call at Government HQ today.

The foundation has already been laid for a "solid relationship" between Barbados and Finland, and Acting Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, is looking forward to deepening those ties.

Mr. Stuart made this observation today, during a courtesy call from President of the Supreme Administrative Court of Finland, Dr. Pekka Hallbert, at Government Headquarters.????

Noting that diplomatic relations between the two countries had been established since 1977, the Acting Prime Minister pointed out that a double taxation treaty was already in place. He stressed, however, that while there had been some discussion about a bilateral investment treaty, those talks needed to continue.

Mr. Stuart also mentioned that there were a number of similarities between Barbados and Finland, and suggested that the two countries could learn a lot from each other.

During the meeting, Dr. Hallbert shared the experiences of Finland on a number of issues, including the structure of its court system and how it functions, the role of the Attorney General, the role of the Ombudsman, and human rights, which he noted were enshrined in the Finnish Constitution.

Dr. Hallbert leaves the island today after a meeting with the Acting Chief Justice, Sherman Moore.??gapplewhaite@barbados.gov.bb

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