COVID Update (April 25) feat. Ministers of Health, People Empowerment, and Labour

COVID Update (April 25) feat. Ministers of Health, People Empowerment, and Labour

Posted by Barbados Government Information Service on Saturday, April 25, 2020
COVID- 19 update featuring Acting Prime Minister, Santia Bradshaw; Minister of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs, Cynthia Forde; and Minister of Health and Wellness, Lieutenant Colonel, Jeffrey Bostic. (PMO)

As the COVID 19 pandemic swept across the globe, the Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs was proactive in its protection of all its workers by making sure they were well trained-up and suitably equipped to face any eventuality in their respective roles.

This assurance has come from Minister Cynthia Forde as she responded to a question from a reporter as to what additional measures would be put in place to safeguard workers during a nationally televised virtual press conference at Ilaro Court today.

The Elder Affairs Minister explained that her Ministry. from early last month, had been monitoring overseas trends with COVID-19 and after an assessment of their clients and its employees, the requisite training was implemented for staff.

“Having designed a strategic plan, we got the Ministry of officials and others to come into our department and we designed a programme called ‘Trainer of Trainers’ to be able to start with the high administrative staff officials and then to trickle down to our home help officers and volunteers…You must be assured that we did not leave out the ancillary staff members and the security at our various locations. So, we had started very early…,” Ms. Forde emphasised.

Apart from the ‘Trainer of Trainers’ programme, Minister Forde said her Ministry had also provided workers with the necessary equipment – masks, temporary aprons, gloves and hand sanitizers.

Signage was put in place for all staff and in particular, the National Assistance Board because of its direct contact with clients across the island.

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