Minister of Social Care, Christopher Sinckler, examines some of the craft items made by participants at the Soroptimist Village Activities Centre during his tour today. Assisting him is Chairperson of the Soroptimist Senior Citizens Village, Margaret Osbourne, while looking on is President of Soroptmist International of Barbados, Pansy Griffith.

There is a possibility that Barbados could soon have a Department of Elderly Affairs.

Word of this came today from Minister of Social Care, Christopher Sinckler, during a tour of the Soroptimist Village Home and Activities Centre at Eden Lodge, St. Michael.

Pointing out that the work carried out by his Ministry and other agencies for the elderly needed to be given some type of form and a level of permanence, he said this would give them confidence that there was an institution mandated to look after their needs.

Minister Sinckler revealed: "One of the objectives of my Ministry… is to create … a Department of Elderly Affairs, in which we can bring all of the different committees and organisations … together to work on behalf of the elderly folk in our community.?? That would start, of course, with the National Assistance Board."??

He explained that a reform process would be started at the Board to strengthen its work, especially its Home Care Programme for the Elderly, adding that it would include other departments in his Ministry and the Ministry of Family. "Our hope, in doing this, is that we can bring some level of focus to all of the work that is being done…," he stated.

Minister Sinckler issued an invitation to Soroptimist International of Barbados to be part of the process to work out how the department could be created, and disclosed that he would be seeking Cabinet’s approval very shortly.

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