National Housing Corporation workers at Deacons Housing Area??as they carried out external works in the electrial upgrading programme.

The National Housing Corporation (NHC) is continuing its electrical upgrade of units in the Deacons Housing Area, with work scheduled to be completed by the end of March.??

According to Programme Coordinator at the NHC, Roger Ward, "work is currently about 60 per cent completed in Deacons, but overall we have completed 15 per cent of the three year electrical upgrading programme.?? From Deacons, we will begin work at Rosemont and Ferniehurst simultaneously, so we will be in the Black Rock area for a while, then we will move to the Ivy."

The upgrading of the electrical systems in the Government housing units is designed to increase capacity and bring the units in line with the current standards of the Government Electrical Engineering Department.??

The programme, which began in February, last year, includes connections to meter bases and breaker panels and includes all units, irrespective of whether persons are owners or tenants.??

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