Workers from the National Housing Corporation (NHC) will from Monday, July 27, continue the electrical upgrade of units programme, starting at the Deacons housing area.

Word has come from Acting Project Coordinator at the NHC, Roger Ward, who explained that "three blocks have been completed so far and workers are now excavating trenches and manholes, laying conduits, installing cables and reinstating foot paths."????

The upgrading of the electrical supply of housing units, which began in April at the Bonnetts housing estate, includes underground cabling and the upgrading of connections to meter bases and breaker panels. The work includes all units, irrespective of whether persons are owners or tenants.??

Mr. Ward explained that the upgrade was taking place at this time for two reasons. "We have made commitments to tenants to upgrade the electrical system to increase its capacity.?? And secondly, there have been some changes by the Government Electrical Engineering Department which dictate that any upgrade we do now would have to be in line with current standards," he stated.

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