The National Housing Corporation (NHC) will begin the upgrading of the electrical supply of its housing units on Monday, February 16, in Bonnetts Development, Brittons Hill, St. Michael. 

Initial work will be carried out by NHC personnel and will be done on a phased basis, during normal workday hours.  It will involve the excavation for trenches and manholes, the laying of conduits and the installation of cables and connections to meter bases and breaker panels. 

According to NHC’s Special Assignments Officer, Roger Ward, “the upgrade will cover all units, irrespective of whether persons are owners or tenants and the work will systematically move to other estates”. 

He explained that the upgrade was taking place at this time, for two reasons. “We would have made the commitment to the tenants to upgrade the electrical system to increase their capacity. And secondly, there have been some changes by the Government Electrical Engineering Department which dictate that any upgrade we do now would have to be in line with current standards. It would allow tenants themselves to upgrade the internal works to accommodate large appliances and so on,” he said.

Mr. Ward also stated that as part of its property transfer programme, the NHC had a responsibility to tenants. "We have made a commitment that we would undertake all structural defects. Also, in the older estates, where there are dilapidated doors and windows, for example, we will change those and we will generally correct any defects prior to the transfer. Thereafter, the tenant will be responsible for the maintenance of his or her own unit,” he stressed.

The Housing official also said that disturbed areas would be reinstated and all precautions would be taken to ensure safety.  Also, prior to the start of any work, the Corporation would visit individual tenants.

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