Eleven dance groups will be seeking to impress the judges when they face-off in the national finals of the Community Indepen-Dance Festival Sunday, December 2, at the Garfield Sobers Complex, starting at 7:00 p.m.

They are: Adrenaline Dancers and Danse Tropicale from the eastern zone; Alexandra School and SLDH & Friends from the northern zone; Praise Academy and Enigma from the St. Michael North zone; Little People Fun and Frolic and Demolition Squad Dancers from the St. Michael South zone; and Turbulence and Equilibrium from the Christ Church zone. The judges’ wild card went to The Maniacs of the St. Michael north zone.

After announcing the finalists, Technical Advisor to the Festival, Kelvin Carvalho, told the groups that they should now review their choreographies. “Look at your presentations and make sure you have a common thread running from beginning to end, because at this stage it is now very competitive …

“All the routines that have made it to the finals are well crafted and the elements of creativity are extremely strong. I am sure that the public of Barbados is in for an excellent, excellent treat,” he emphasised.

He said he was impressed with the groups’ accomplishments so far. “It is really amazing to see that the genres of dance that some people consider to have a negative undertone are being highlighted in such a positive light. Seeing what the youth of Barbados can do with such is just amazing. I take my hat off to the leaders of the groups and the choreographers for delving into such rich history,” the technical advisor added.

Five technical advisors have been assigned to the five zones to help the groups enhance their choreography. The various genres of dance to be showcased during the show include folk, modern contemporary, hip hop, passa passa and street dance.

Chief Community Development Officer, Sandra Greenidge, told the members of the groups that they were sending a message to the community that they were in the vanguard of cultural creative development in this country.

Ms. Greenidge promised that her department would try to structure some leadership workshops for the groups to help them develop greater skills.

Tickets for the festival are currently on sale at the Ministry of Social Transformation, Warrens Office Complex, St. Michael; CS Pharmacy, Bridgetown; Joe’s Pharmacy, Oistins, Christ Church; Pharmaco, Speightstown, St. Peter; and Emerald City, Six Roads, St. Philip. The tickets cost $5.

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